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          云南廣電云上互動傳媒有限責任公司是2017年由云數傳媒控股成立的互聯網新媒體企業。擁有云南廣播電視臺新媒體業務全牌照資質獨家授權,以國家廣電總局批準的互聯網電視播出機構 — 云南網絡廣播電視臺開展互聯網視聽服務。公司獨家運營國家一類新聞網站:云視網;獨家運營云南第一網絡視聽移動傳播互動平臺:云南手機臺;獨家運營“政經云南”等自媒體品牌矩陣占據云南新媒體傳播影響力前列。


          Yunnan On-Cloud Interaction Media Co., Ltd is the subsidiary of Yunnan Communication Group, it is an Internet new media founded with the holdings of Yunnan Mobile Digital Television in 2017, processing the exclusive authorization of full-license qualification for new media business from Yunnan Radio and Television. It carries out the Internet audio and visual services through YNTV authorized by State Administration and Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China. The On-Cloud Interaction Media operates exclusively businesses including YNTV, level-1 national news website, YRT, the No.1 online interactive platform for network audio and visual communication in Yunnan Province, and official Wechat and Micro-blog of Yunnan Radio and Television for Politics and Economy in Yunnan. These we-media brands all have forefront influence in new media of Yunnan Province.

          The company owns the integrated TV license for Internet audio and visual services Internet contents based on mobile phones operating system, it has become the contents provider and partner of China’s telecommunication operators such as China Mobile and China Unicom.



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